Optimal Results
You may need to trying changing dosage if the recommeded amount is not working or if you are not seeing results.
1.  Shake well!  Your product comes in a dark bottle to extend the shelf life.  Separation is normal and to be expected.  Be sure to shake well!
2.  Squeeze the dropper and fill the pipette completely with oil and dispense under your tongue.  Just let it sit unless you are enjoying a flavored CBD oil. 
3.  Let it sit 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing.  If you don't like the flavor you can drink natural beverages like juice or coffee right before or after dispensing.
Salves, Lotions and Lip Balms
The only difference between the two is that lotions have a bit of water and moisturizing agents in the base, while salves use fatty oils or wax as a base with no water.  The difference is just the preference in how it feels on the skin to the consumer.
It may be difficult to visualize how putting something on your skin may change things for you at the cellular level.  The skin acts as a moleclar pathway for lipid-based oils such as CBD to be absorbed.  This is why salves are a good choice for things like joint pain and skin-specific conditions (eczema and psoriasis).  It's easily targeted using a salve.  Simply rub it on the affected area for relief.

And regarding the specific presence of the ECS in skin cells, Dr. Tamas Biro, the director of immunology at the University of Debrecen in Hungary, claims that the skin is “[indeed] capable of producing endocannabinoids,” and points out the likelihood that:

 “…most, if not all, skin functions are controlled to a certain extent by the local skin endocannabinoid system.”

Likewise, Folium Bioscience’s Dr. Raj Gupta has reiterated this same notion, stating that:

“…because the skin has its own endocannabinoid system, just the superficial application of CBD by itself [can be] extremely helpful.”~https://www.marijuanabreak.com/cbd-salves

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