Some of the earliest recorded information about cannabis is from 2700 BC in ancient China.  Fast forward to colonial America and by 1845 the U.S. Dispensatory recommended that tinctures be used for a wide range of health-related issues.   As of 2018, the US Farm Bill has removed hemp from its controlled substances designation and CBD can now be purchased with ease in over  10 US states. 

CBD is now being seen as serious medicine with the FDA approving CBD related drugs to help with epilepsy.

Is CBD legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized growing industrial hemp in the US and removed it from the Drug Enforcement Agency purview.  It's now up to a state to declare CBD oil illegal or not.  These states allow medicinal and recreational use of CBD oil legally.

Alaska    California    Colorado
Maine     Massachusetts     Michigan
Nevada     Oregon     Vermont     Washington     Washington D.C.

Only three states declare it completely illegal, Idaho, Nebraska and South Dakota.

Are there "bad" cannabinoids?

No, they are just different.  Often THC is referred to in a negative light because of its psychoactive properties.  Check out more information in the WHAT'S NEW tab to learn about The Enterouge Effect that can aid in therapy by combining CBD with THC for additional cannabinoid support.

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